GC262 – RS485, Power Splitter with Anti Tamper


The Gensys Power & RS485 Splitter Device provides an easy, intuitive, safe way of connecting power and Data lines to Time and Attendance devices.

This Device is mostly used in the top of a turnstile to protect the Power cables from the 12V and 24V power supplies, and to split the power and RS485 lines to the entry and exit readers.

It’s Anti Tamper feature disconnects the 24V line from providing power to the Turnstile solenoids when the tamper input is broken.


  • Fused 12v and 24V DC Power Protection (Also Protects against 24V wired into 12V point)
  • RS485 bus input on RJ45 or Green Terminal Connector.
  • RS485  Dual Split port output for Reader and Reader B
  • 12V Power Injection for output on both Reader Ports.
  • 24V Input and Split for Supply to Reader A and Reader B Solenoid driving Relays.
  • 2 Anit Tamper Sensor Inputs which disconnects 24V power to solenoids when triggered.
  • Button to reset activation of tamper detect.
  • Led Indication of 12V and 24V Power present
  • Led Indication of RS485 Communication Present on a push button in order not to overload the 485 line.
  • Connection points for Entry and exit reader Interlock
  • Output for Siren or Strobe on Tamper detect.


  • Input Voltage

0-15V on 12V Connector  and 0-30V on 24v connector

  • 12V Line Overvoltage Response Time

< 1.0 pico second

  • 12V Peak Power Handling


  • 24V Peak Power Handling


  • Dimensions

151 x 64 x 43 mm

  • Weight

92 g

  • Warranty

1 Year Limited