Wiegand to USB convertor


A 125Khz EMV4100 RFID Card reader with USB Type A cable for connecting to a PC.

Additional 34 Bit Wiegand Output.


  • Built in 125Khz EMV4100 RFID card reader
  • 34bit Wiegand Output. Reads the first 32 bits of the card number and outputs it as Wiegand 32 plus leading and trailing Check digits.
  • Also sends the Card number to a PC via the USB port, and emulates keyboard input.
  • Powered by a USB Type B Connector ( 5V 100ma)
  • Buzzer, Red and Green LED Indicators
  • Optional 34bit Wiegand Input (Internal Connector)



  • Communication

USB to PC and 26bit or 34 Bit Wiegand Input

  • RFID

EMV4100 125Khz

  • Display

LED Lights

  • Audible Indication

Internal Buzzer

  • Power Supply

5v 100ma drawn from USB Port

  • Operating Temperature

-10 Degrees to 60 Degrees

  • Dimensions

120 X 90 X 50 mm

  • Weight

211 g

  • Warranty

1 Year Limited