GC261 – RS485 Surge Protector


The Gensys RS485 Surge Protection Device protects Firefly Controllers from Power and Data Line surges.

This protection is accomplished by using Transorbs which create an alternative path for surge energy to ground, instead of passing though and damaging the controller.

Unit must be Grounded, using the ground wire attached to the unit.


  • 12v DC Power Protection
  • RS485 Communication Line Protection
  • 12V Power Injection for output on the RJ45 Connectors
  • RS485 Line termination
  • Led Indication of Power and RS485 Communication Present.
  • 2 Channel Protection or 1 to 3 Port Splitter mode
  • Power and RS485 Data routing path’s selectable via dip switches.


  • Input Voltage


  • Response Time

< 1.0 pico second

  • Peak Surge Current


  • Peak Power Handling

1500W for a 1 ms Surge Pulse

  • Dimensions

151 x 64 x 43 mm

  • Weight

92 g

  • Warranty

1 Year Limited (Designed to fail when surge greater than its handling ability is absorbed)