FireFly Controller


Modern and state of the art web server architecture in line with the current industry recommendations for designing efficient real-time network systems.


  • Attaches up to 32 FireFly terminals with or without biometrics.
  • Features the FamilyCircle invention that links up to 300 FireFly controller operating as a single synchronised system within a TCP/IP network.
  • Links to multiple user server systems over TCP/IP.
  • Hosts an integral browser accessible web server that allows real-time access to data and for the production of real time reports.
  • Is a web data source to Excel. Worksheets and pivot tables are available for sophisticated reporting.
  • Prints Time Cards.
  • Features an integral job clocking and job costing module.
  • Supports web time and job clocking.
  • Protected against malicious data destruction through hacking or viruses.
  • Delivers rugged 24/7 real-time performance independently and not relying on a user host system or PC.
  • Apply user-defined parameter-driven processing rules to the transactions generated by FireFly.
  • Pushes transactions to user servers for processing as and when available.
  • Query user server systems for additional data and/or to obtain authority to proceed with real-time events, if required.
  • Selective online modes to user hosts and/or local processing at each terminal creates the platform to support numerous types of user application design models.
  • Online queries from terminals to user hosts are supported in all operating modes.
  • Distributes and synchronizes changes made to tables by hosts i.e. SAP or the web to all peer web servers.
  • Supports comprehensive user messaging.
  • Designed to stop actions contravening the communication, health and safety requirements of the specific industry and mining sector.
  • Supports individual access and time clock rosters for every table entry.
  • Supports up to 44 000 table entries for Access, Time and Biometrics Management (model dependent).
  • Updates data tables of peer web servers in real time to reflect the latest statuses.
  • Buffers up to 65 000 transactions waiting for host retrieval.
  • Supports user templates of various types of biometrics devices as integral elements of the internal Web Server data tables.
  • Propagates biometric templates to biometrics devices for identification purposes.
  • Records audits of all supervisor change activity, abnormal usage and access device malfunctions.
  • Sequences and synchronises events and people movements within  FireFly Controllers and all FamilyCircle connected peer FireFly Controllers.


  • Monitors and reports in real-time on the operating environment, including external power and battery supplies.
  • Pushes statuses and alarms to a status and alarm server.
  • Low 140 mA power consumption. Requires 12VDC.
  • Battery backup provides continuous operation over extended periods.
  • On-board lithium battery protects and secures all data tables, including transactions, and maintains the time when external power is absent.
  • Small footprint enables portable use.
  • Easy to install and replace.
  • No user programming is required.