GC271 Turnstile controller


The GC271 is an interface between the Alcoscan EBS010 Breathalyser and a turnstile.

An Alcohol scanner requires advanced logic to function correctly in a turnstile (Especially Quarter lock Turnstiles). The GC271 provides this logic.

It can interface to existing turnstile Logic boards, or it can be used as a replacement for most of the popular turnstile logic boards.

GC271c Turnstile Controller With Test Function



  • Drives Tribune Qlock turnstile Directly without any additional Logic Boards or Power Supplies
  • Drives any Bi-Directional Turnstile without any additional Logic Boards or Power Supplies
  • Provides a 12V 2Amp output for 3rd Party Time and Attendance Equipment
  • Indicates when the Quarter Lock Position is correctly sensed.
  • Multiple Status Outputs and Inputs to and from 3rd Party T&A devices
    • Pass-Fail and Qlock Position Outputs. Start Breathalyser Test and Cancel Inputs

Package Contents

  • GC271 Turnstile Controller
  • EBS010 Breathalyser
  • Spare Calibrated EB010 Cartridge
  • 12V and 24V Dual output Power Supply
  • Mounting Plate
  • EBS010 to GC271 3m Cable Harness