iBlow – 10 Wand Breathalyser


iBlow10 is a high speed No-Contact alcohol breathalyser for testing drivers at road blocks & workers entering industrial sites.


iBlow10 has a SuraCell Fuel Cell Sensor for ethanol specific alcohol testing which provides a long calibration cycle of 1 year.

Digital Display of Results as well as GREEN or RED bright LED display based on a PASS or FAIL when any alcohol is detected in breath OR based on a pre-set PASS / FAIL Limit depending on whether iBlow10 is ordered for Industrial Use (0.01%BAC) or Law-Enforcement Use 0.24Mg/l BrAC.

iBlow10 provides 12 tests p/minute without the use of mouth pieces & offers Active and Passive testing for when drivers or workers have difficulty exhaling.

LEDs for Night Time use providing RED, BLUE and BLUE ONLY options to direct drivers.

Includes a link to free downloadable PC software to download breathalyser test data (5000 tests) from iBlow10 Memory to a PC for analysis and record keeping.


Indication of B.A.C or BrAC

B.A.C. or BrAC Mg/l equivalent by LED display and RED or GREEN based on PASS FAIL result


+/-0.005%BAC at 0.05%BAC


None Required – Washable Blow Point Covers – 5 included with device


Suracell Fuel Cell Type Ethanol Specific Sensor

Power supply

6 X 1.5V “AA” Alkaline batteries Supplied with unit. Device can operate with rechargeable batteries.




30cm by 10cm by 10cm