ALP1 – Hand Held Breathalyser


The FireFly ALP1 device is an alcohol screening breathalyser device, enforcing ZERO ALCOHOL TOLERANCE at entrance points. The ALP1 is integrated into the FireFly solution.


  • FireFly integrated alcohol tester
  • With a positive result, it denies access and records the user’s access attempt. Results are fully traceable.
  • Can operate stand-alone or matched with various FireFly Time and Access Terminals
  • DMR Reporting on number of tests (Pass, Fail, Random Selection)
  • Upon Alco Fail, person will be denied access at all entry points
  • Option to test random and / or all personnel in high risk jobs
  • Mounted with a weatherproof hood, protective cover and holster (picture above)
  • Strong durable steel cord connects the ALP1 to the T & A device
  • No security guard needs to be present, unattended testing can take place
  • Powered by the FireFly T & A reader, no batteries or separate power supply required
  • Tests resulting in a “Fail” can trigger guard notifications (sirens and/or lights) and email notifications to various T & A or HSE representatives, thus preventing any guard pay-offs
  • Can be used in Mode: Passive Fast Mode(no mouth piece) for quick entry point screening or can be used in Active Normal Mode for digital & printed test results for use in disciplinary hearings and CCMA cases
  • Calibration reminder
  • Bi-annual calibration of entire unit required
  • Air flow rate checking in case of low breath volume


  • Indication of BAC
0% to 0.4% BAC
  • Indication of BrAC
0.00Mg/L to 2.5Mg/L
  • Water-resistant IP Rating
IP 54
  • Sensor type
Replaceable electro-chemical fuel cell sensor
  • Alcohol Specific
Ethanol Specific
  • Accuracy
0.005% BAC
  • Mouth Piece
Five mouth pieces and one blow cup included (for use in Active Mode)
  • Power Supply

Two x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (in stand-alone mode), or powered directly from FireFly T & A reader
  • Dimensions
130 mm (h) x 60 mm (w) x 30 mm (b)
  • Weight
198 g
  • Warranty
1 Year Limited