Firefly T&A Software

Firefly is a self-hosted web based Time and Attendance application that can be accessed from anywere on the internal network. No need for installation of the software on users computers.
A user with valid credentials may access the software through any web browser like Chrome or Firefox. User access profiles restrict available functionality ensuring users only see what they need to. Any changes in the system is fully auditable discouraging and highlighting fraud.

A rich user interface allows T&A clerks so view an Employee/Clocker’s current status at a glance.

More than T&A
The Firefly system is much more than just a Time and Attendance System. It also functions as a Health and Safety system by enforcing Company Health and Safety rules and rules emposed by govermental bodies like the Department of Mineral Resources.

An Example of this is the Expiry Dates shown on the screen below which automatically limits a person’s access to the workplace or equipment when the expiry date is reached.

The Firefly system provides features for the management of physical keys. These keys can be allocated to individuals or groups of individuals. When a person takes or is issued a key a record is kept of who had which key when. Key access can also be blocked when a specific “Licence” has expired.  Example: A person is not allowed to take a Forklift key if his forklift licence has expired.
The system also has the option to block a person from going home at the end of his shift if he/she has not returned the key.
Overtime and Authorisations
The Firefly system provides an quick Return on Investment by managing and limiting overtime and overtime fraud. Options for Pre and/or Post authorising overtime immediately curtail the abuse of overtime worked and payment thereof.
The Firefly system has a built in authorisation tree system that enables managers and their managers, and Stand-In managers to authorise various actions on the system.
These authorisation are sent out via SMS and can be performed from the Firefly Android based Mobile phone application.
For Employees that are on the road all the time, Firefly provide an Android based Mobile phone application that allow employees to clock when away from the office while recording the clocking time and GPS based location that the clock was perform at.
These Automated processes and Authorisation by managers drastically cut down the number of T&A clerks needed in the company which provides a further R.O.I benefit.
Search and Bulk Functions
Powerfull Search functionality allows Clerks to find specific people or specific groups of people and then apply changes to their clocking and attendance rules to the single person or the Group as a whole, without having to edit each individual person.
Shift Rosters
The Firefly system has a powerfull rostering system, that caters for extremely complex rosters well suited for companies who use many different types of shift rosters.  Example:  7 day shift roster,  and a 21 day shift roster and a 28 day shift roster used in a single company.
The system uses this roster to automaticlly calculate the number of hours worked, Short Time and Over Time, and can then easily export (or integrate) this information to a payroll system.
  • Access and Time Management with Time calculations in one Integrated system
  • Rich list of Standard reports, with option to add client specific custom reports.
    • Shaft Clear
    • Team Make-Up (By Skills required in a Team)
    • Manning Board
    • Tardiness Report
    • Late Starter and Early Leaver
    • Meals Issued (Kitchen Report)
  • Information Messages to Clockers at the point of clocking, on the Terminals Display. Example: “Medical Certificate Expires in 5…4…3…2…1 days”
  • When a Person is stopped at a clocking point, options to display various reasons for stopping the person: Example: “Go see your Supervisor”
  • Random selection of people at the clocking points for Physical searches and/or drug/Alcohol testing.
  • Integration with various 3rd party systems for headlamp, Gas and radiation detection equipment.
  • Various Biometric Options
    • Fingerprint
    • Multispectral Fingerprint
    • No-Touch fingerprint
    • Facial Matching
    • Temperature Scanning for Covid-19 Fever detection
    • Alcohol intoxication testing
  • Take-On process management with Biometric take-on and Employee/Contractor/Visitor card printing.
  • Issuing of Consumables. Example: PPE Gear
  • SMS and/or Email notifications of actions required on the system.
  • Integration with CCTV systems and control rooms.
And many more… Contact us for more information.
  • Unlimited number of clockers can be registered on the system. This included worker groups like Employees, Contractors, Visitors etc…
  • A Single server install of the Firefly Server can manage people across multiple work sites, and can manage up to 16,000 people per work site.
  • The Firefly Server software runs on a Windows Server platform, uses a Microsoft SQL Database and supports Active Directory authentication.
  • Operators and Clerks only requrie a Chrome or Firefox Browser on their Pc’s, as no install is required on a user PC or Laptop.
  • Powerfull Data integration options are available for integration to HR, Payroll, Health and Safety and Financial systems. Examples are integration to and from SAP, Oracle, Sage and many more.
  • Remote operation of the Firefly system is available either though VPN access or though cloud based access.
  • Firefly Server Software can be hosted on the Clients internal servers, at an off site data centre or in the Cloud.
  • The Firefly System Server need to be online and available on the network for clerks to affect changes to a clockers profile. The server immediately sends such changes through to the Firefly C.O.R.E (Continious Offline Rule Engine) Hardware.  If the network or server then goes offline clockers can clock as normal with all the businesss rules enforced as usual. The Clock Terminals and Controllers function without any network or server being online, and battery backups provided as part of the solution caters for extended power outages.
  • The Firefly System incorporates a Device Monitor that displays the Status of all Controllers and Terminals, and can manage the serial numbers and service intervals of such equipment. An Example is the Recalibrationn interval of Alcohol Breathalyser devices.