Alco Screening Compliance Device


The FireFly EBS Device is an Alcohol Screening Breathalyser Device, enforcing ZERO ALCOHOL TOLERANCE at entrance points. The EBS is integrated into the FireFly Solution.


  • Firefly integrated alcohol tester with a 1-inch platinum fuel cell sensor
  • No straws or physical contact between device and person
  • Large LED status indication for “Blow”, “Pass” and “Fail”
  • The unit has a removable sensor cartridge, which can be easily swapped out on site for a re-calibrated cartridge to ensure zero down time
  • With a positive result it denies access and records the user’s access attempt. Results are fully traceable and can be used in CCMA cases. (If paired with a Firefly fingerprint terminal/reader)
  • It is recommended to recalibrate every 15,000 samples or 12 months whichever comes first
  • Can operate standalone or matched with a GC180 or GC220 Time and Access Terminal
  • Reporting on number of tests (Pass, Fail, Random Selection)
  • Upon Alco Fail, person will be denied access at all entry points
  • Option to test random and / or All personnel in High risk jobs


  • Indication of BAC                    LED Display Pass at under 0.01%    
  • IP Rating                                    IP 55
  • Sensor Type                             Fuel Cell
  • Alcohol Specific                      Yes 
  • Accuracy                                  Omega       
  • Mouth Piece                             LED Lights
  • Power Supply                           12v 1.5A
  • Dimensions                              205 mm X 108 mm X 95 mm
  • Weight                                        550 g
  • Certified                                     CE
  • Warranty                                    1 Year Limited