Venus Multispectral Biometric Sensor


The Venus Biometric Sensor is the Mining Grade “Best Practice” matching device. The Venus Biometric Sensor is a Multispectral Reader resulting in the most reliable biometric matching on the market.

Reads fingerprints through dust, water and even through a surgical glove!


  • Industrial metal encased Firefly Multi Spectral Fingerprint Reader
  • Available in Red and Grey
  • Works with wet, dry and dirty fingers
  • Scans Fingerprints through a surgical glove. The best fingerprint scanner on the market.
  • Requires a GC220 for Verification
  • Requires a GC180 with Venus interface for Identification (4850 Users)
  • Card Only, Card Finger, Finger Only, Biometric Impaired


  • Communication                       RS485 to FireFly Terminal      
  • Sensor Type                              Multispectral
  • Sensor Mode                            Verification/Identification                                
  • IP Rating                                    IP 55
  • Power Supply                           12v DC 140 ma MAX
  • Battery Backup                         External                  
  • Operating Temperature          -10 Degrees to 60 Degrees 
  • Dimensions                              108 mm X 86 mm X 108 mm 
  • Weight                                        794 g
  • Warranty                                    1 Year Limited