GC181 – Time and Access Biometric Terminal


  • The GC181 Time and Access Biometric Terminal with built in Messaging Display, Keypad and RFID Card functionality.


  • -Industrial Metal Encased Time and Access Control Terminal with 2 Line LCD Display, Keypad and RFID Reader
  • -Red, Yellow and Green indicator lamps and internal buzzer (Audio & Visual Notification)
  • -2 Relay Outputs and 2 Sensor Inputs for Turnstile/Door/Vehicle Barrier Control
  • -2 Additional Programmable Relay Outputs and Sensor Inputs (For Interlocks and Pushbuttons)
  • -Mains failure and Battery Low Sensors
  • -Keypad System interrogation and PIN option
    • -Fire Emergency Exit, Visitor assisted entry (Hosting), Person on wrong shift, Level time closed override, Call out authorisation
  • -Optional internal or externally attached fingerprint verification and identification
  • -“Hot Swappable”
  • -Connects Slip Printers and Barcode Scanners
  • -Card Only, Card Finger, Finger Only, Biometric Impaired
  • -With Built in CBM Fingerprint Scanner (500, 3000, 5000 User License)
  • -Requires a Controller (Licenses only required for Identification mode)


  • Communication                    RS485 to CORE Device                  RS232 to Peripherals
  • Sensor Type                           Optical
  • Sensor Mode                         Verification / Identification
  • RFID                                        Omega / HID
  • Display                                    LCD
  • Keypad Entry                         Alpha Numeric
  • IP Rating                                 IP 55
  • Power Supply                        12v DC 140 ma MAX
  • Battery Backup                      External
  • Operating Temperature       -10 Degrees to 90 Degrees
  • Dimensions                           210 mm X 87 mm X 56 mm
  • Weight                                    950 g
  • Warranty                                1 Year Limited