The purpose of the FireFly Consolidator is to retrieve and consolidate transactions from and to report on the status of up to 128 FireFly Controllers.

The consolidator relieves the host system of the task of retrieving transactions reliably from a large number of Controllers.


The Consolidator provides:

  • Secure transfer and delivery of all time and attendance transactions.
  • Reduction in the number of IP sockets and related processing at the host level.
  • The consolidator will warehouse up to 32 000 access transactions in battery backed up memory waiting for host retrieval. This would equate to 3 000 hours of entrance and exit transactions for 1 000 employees.
  • Connectivity: Up to 128 connected web servers are supported.
  • Cascading: consolidators may be cascaded to service an unlimited number of web servers.
  • Checkpoint/restart. Transaction retrieval may be rewound to a number of checkpoints in the event of transaction loss that may occur at host level. The retrieval of data from Web Servers may be rewound in the event of Consolidator failure.
  • Network monitoring. The status of all web servers is reported. The status monitor refreshes itself every 30 seconds to facilitate a continuous heads-up display.
  • No data loss will occur even when power is completely removed from the consolidator. Restart is automatic. No possibility of malicious data destruction through hacking of viruses.
  • Plug and play operation. No set-up of connection definition tables required.
  • Efficient network utilisation. Data is pushed to consolidator as and when data is available for transfer.
  • Web browser enabled for setup and monitoring.
  • Optimum platform utilisation. The consolidator and controller share the same hardware platform.