The purpose of the FireFly Distributor is to receive Master File update from the back office system or database, and then distribute those changes to up to 16 FireFly Controllers.

The distributor relieves the host system of the task of tracking which master file updates to send to which controllers.

The distributor ensures that data stores on all the controllers are kept in sync with the master data store.

The Distributor provides:

  • Secure transfer and delivery of all time and attendance master file updates.
  • Reduction in the number of IP sockets and related processing at the host level.
  • The distributor supports up to 16 000 employees each with two fingerprints.
  • Connectivity: up to 16 connected controllers are supported.
  • Cascading: distributors may be cascaded to service an unlimited number of controllers.
  • Network monitoring: The status of all controllers that are being distributed to is reported. The status monitor refreshes itself every 30 seconds to facilitate a continuous heads-up display.
  • No data loss will occur even when power is completely removed from the distributor. Restart is automatic. No possibility of malicious data destruction through hacking of viruses.
  • Efficient network utilisation. Distribution uses the Firefly Proprietary TCP/IP compressed packet data protocol that minimises traffic on the network.
  • Web browser enabled for set-up and monitoring.
  • Optimum platform utilisation. The distributor and controllers share the same hardware platform.