FireFly C.O.R.E


The FireFly C.O.R.E. is the central point of business intelligence control. The C.O.R.E is an Offline “always live” system engine for Access, Time and Compliance Management enforcement.

The NEW C.O.R.E V2.0 hardware is designed with ultimate reliability and disaster recovery options.


  • Real time Clock with replaceable battery backup (5-year life)
  • 16-Position selector switch to set memory usage
  • Eight dip switches to set operating mode
  • Power on/off switch header (or jumper)
  • Soft reset button
  • Four function buttons
    • Default IP, Default Settings, Backup, Restore
  • Status LEDs for network connection, traffic status, power, device status and server connection
  • Connection status LEDs
  • Two RS485 communication LEDs
  • SD card slot for data backups and restores.
  • Optional expansion for Suprema Fingerprint Matcher


  • 32Bit, 200 megahertz CPU
  • 1,536k SRAM
  • 2MB program memory
  • 48k Flash Memory
  • Terminal Block 7-16V Power Connector (12V Suggested)
    • Nominal current draw 0.2 A
    • Maximum current draw 2.5 A depending on connected devices
  • Two RS485 ports with power over RS485 selectable at 250mA per port
  • 100 megahertz Ethernet port
  • JTAG Programming port
  • Serial Debug Port
  • Two serial TTL expansion ports (optional expansion for LCD display)
  • Suprema 6020 port (optional fingerprint identification out of up to 15 000 prints in 0.8 sec)