Firefly Core


  • The FireFly CORE is the central point of business intelligence control. The CORE is an Offline “always live” system engine for Access, Time and Compliance Management enforcement. 


  • -Attaches up to 32 FireFly terminals with or without biometrics  
  • -4MB or 16MB internal memory to choose from 
  • -FamilyCircle invention that links up to 300 FireFly CORES together ensuring data is always synced 
  • -Delivers rugged 24/7 real time performance independently and not relying on a user host system or PC 
  • -Buffers up to 65 000 transactions waiting for host retrieval  
  • -Supports comprehensive user messaging and stop actions designed to meet the communication and health & safety requirements  
  • -Hosts an integral browser accessible web server that allows real time access to data 
  • -Controller can operate for a period of 7 days without network connectivity due to stored rules 
  • -2 Port Redundancy 
  • -The device can be configured as a dedicated data distribution or consolidation device adding an additional reliability level 


Communication                       TCP/IP to Server                        RS485 to Terminals
  • Offline Transactions                65 000            
  • Master Records                       4MB = 4850                                 16MB = 16384 
  • IP Rating                                    IP 55               
  • Power Supply                           12v DC 0.5Amp 
  • Battery Backup                         Lithium Onboard / External 
  • Operating Temperature          -10 Degrees to 60 Degrees 
  • Dimensions                              210 mm X 140 mm X 55 mm 
  • Weight                                        864 g 
  • Warranty                                    1 Year Limited