Low Footprint Portable Containerised Solution


New site establishments and opencast mining have created a need for access point portability. The FireFly solution includes a Containerised Access, Time and Compliance Management option.

Portable containerised solutions include the benefits of:

  • Movable control point
  • Low environment footprint, especially in ecologically sensitive areas
  • Reduced civils cost
  • Control points that are able to grow with the business requirements


The Containerised Solution caters for customised design in terms of:

  • Container Length
  • Guard Compartments
  • Ablutions
  • Turnstile Compartments
  • Search Cubicles
  • Security Gates
  • Power Requirements (Grid Tied, Generator, Solar)
  • Aesthetics 

FireFly High Security Turnstiles are utilised in order to provide industry best practice security at a cost saving (Central console fitted equipment reducing the amount of access related clocking equipment).

The FireFly solution equipment is of a modular plug and play nature. The Access, Time and Compliance equipment includes combinations of:

  • FireFly Readers
  • FireFly Biometrics
  • Alcohol Compliance Devices
  • Thermal Screening devices

The FireFly software application is modular to allow for customisable control of:

  • Access Management
  • Time Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Auto-notifications 

Solution Components: