Key Compliance

The integrated Key Control Solution allows for the control of critical keys. The key cabinet is a lockable solution with keys attached to iFobs which are secured in place with iFob solenoids technology. 

The solution has a built in battery backup and will run in an offline state reducing the impact of network and power outages.

Strict access restrictions are configured to meet site and regulatory body compliance standards.

The solution allows for Traceable and Auditable recording of key activity.

System Functionality:

  • Keys can be assigned to multiple Key Groups
  • Key Groups Linked to unlimited Expiry Date Types 
  • Key Groups linked to Personnel (Licenses, permits to work etc)
  • Personnel set to allow single or multiple key issuances

Reporting includes, but not limited to:

  • List of Keygroups
  • List of Employees per Keygroup
  • List of keygroups per employee
  • Key Usage
  • Key Possession
  • Key Exchange transgressions 
  • Expiry’s

Access to Key Cabinets include:

  • Checks user access area (Allow or deny access)
  • Individual RFID card Identification
  • Individual biometric verification
  • Controls breathalyser device
  • Messaging display visually communicates with individual

Key return checks, prior to an individual leaving site, are enforced in order to reduce any production delays. This can be enforced at Turnstile, Boom and Gate exit points.

Solution Components: