Case Studies

FireFly hardware is of a purpose-built rugged design with a proven track record of catering for harsh mining conditions. A Multi-site Coal Miner utilises the FireFly Venus multispectral fingerprint biometric sensors in order to mitigate the dusty, wet, static, abrasive and temperature extremities of a Coal Mining environment.

FireFly keeps track of over 45 000 employees at a Multi-site Gold Mining Organisation, centrally managed and distributed over 23 operations. The system is used for Time and Attendance, real time shift control, enforcement of health and safety. The system communicates in real time with users and may stop employees from entering or warn them of pending health and safety certificate expiries.
Business rules are always executed, regardless of the availability of networks or short-term power failures. The FireFly system hardware will enforce business rules for up to 7 days in offline mode. Multiple clock points, intelligent battery backup and the hot swappable nature of the equipment allow for uninterrupted operations.



The FireFly quarter lock turnstile resolves all the inherent security issues common to conventional turnstiles and access cubicles. The turnstile ensures 1 to 1 personnel identification and breathalyser testing. With a single central console, the hardware requirements are reduced resulting in a high security cost saving. A reputable Manganese Miner has implemented over 60 of these turnstiles with integrated alcohol breathalysers.
Health & safety is a critical component to any mining operation for personnel safety as well as to avoid any unplanned stoppages in operations due to non-compliance.The FireFly solution is a tool which enables operations to comply with specific DMR requirements. At South Africa’s largest Platinum Miner, FireFly is used to control and report on Fatigue Management, shaft clearances, risk area counts, expiries, vehicle key control, safety kit control and alcohol testing.
Due to the severity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the rapid escalation in newly identified cases, a Large Scale Miner implemented additional practical integrated solutions to assist with early detection of individuals potentially infected with the virus. This was achieved by means of thermal fever detection and improved early warning systems to enable the Company to detect and isolate identified personnel.This solution consists of facial recognition units with on-board thermal modules. The units are capable of facial recognition and simultaneously do temperature screening. These functionalities are integrated into the current access control/time and attendance systems (FireFly) and provide individualised “gate reports” for proper and easy reference.
The units have been placed at every single turnstile, boom gate and off-site location and include detailed clocking report for entrance and exit transactions.
Fingerprint biometric units were replaced with contactless technology.
The business application and benefit will be extended even post COVID-19, establishing continuous medical surveillance ability.