GC264 Battery Protector


The Gensys Battery Protector Device provides an easy, intuitive, safe way of connecting 12v and 24v power supplies and backup batteries to access control equipment.

This Device provides fused over current protection minimising the chance of cable-short fires and prolongs battery life by cutting off the load when the battery is discharged.

This device creates connection points for secure fastening
of Battery terminals, PSU outputs, and Load connections.


  • 12v DC and 24 DC Over current Protection
  • Led Indication of 12V Output Power Present and Led Indication of 24V Output Power Present
  • Led Indication of 12V PSU Input Power Present and above 13.7V
  • 12V Output cut-off when battery voltage falls below 11.7V (+- 80% discharge with 2Amp current draw on a 12Ah SLA battery)
  • 24V Output cut off at the same time that the 12v output is cut-off
  • Two 12V + and – Output Terminals
  • Two 24V + and – Output Terminals
  • Creates a Common Ground for the 12V and 24V supplies
  • 0mAh Current draw from battery after Cut-Off
  • Automatic reset once supply voltage restored.


  • Input Voltage

0-15V on 12V Connector and 0-30V on 24v connector

  • 12V Battery cut-off

11.8V +-0.5V

  • 12V Current


  • 24V Current


  • Dimensions

151 x 64 x 43 mm

  • Weight

92 g

  • Warranty

1 Year Limited