Privacy Booth


The FireFly Voluntary Alco Testing Booth is designed to provide privacy and gives employees an opportunity to test themselves before entering the access point where they are tested for alcohol on the T&A system. The FireFly EBS alco tester is mounted in the booth and can also be mounted on an adjustable sliding bracket.

Privacy Booth


  •  Constructed with fiberglass giving it a strong, durable and weather proof design
  • Frame for calibration and installation certificate
  • Firefly integrated alcohol tester with a 1-inch platinum fuel cell sensor
  • No straws or physical contact between device and person
  • Large LED status indication for “Blow”, “Pass” and “Fail”
  • The unit has a removable sensor cartridge, which can be easily swapped out on site for a re-calibrated cartridge to ensure zero down time
  • It is recommended to recalibrate every 45,000 samples or 12 months whichever comes first
  • Can be mounted on an adjustable FireFly sliding bracket for use at various hights (as pictured above)


  • Indication of BAC

LED Display Pass at under 0.01%

  • IP Rating

IP 55

  • Sensor Type

Fuel Cell

  • Alcohol Specific


  • Accuracy

0.001% BAC at 0.050% BAC

  • Mouth Piece

Not Required (Can use a straw)

  • Power Supply

12V 1.5A

  • Dimensions

205 mm X 108 mm X 95 mm

  • Weight

550 g

  • Certified


  • Warranty

1 Year Limited