Lifeloc Breathalyser


multi unit


  1. Aluminum Housing: Strong aluminum housing provides protection from impact and vibration as well as wear and tear.
  2. LCD Screen: Full color screen that displays user instructions and results.
  3. Breathalyzer Cradle: Return Breathalyzer Handset to the cradle when it is not in use.
  4. Breathalyzer Handset: Consists of rugged plastic breathalyzer housing with ergonomic handle protecting the breathalyzer unit.
  1. Conduit Access: Provides full protection of all power cables leaving or entering the SENTINEL-VA.
  1. Coiled Cable: Allows for communication between the Breathalyzer Handset and the main Housing. Cable extends to approximately 10 meters (30 feet).
  1. Breath Diffuser: Directs breath flow away from the user and includes a tamper resistant screw.
  1. Breath Port: Tests are triggered automatically once the subject provides an adequate breath sample into the breath port.


  • Size 13″ (without cable) 31″ (with cable) x 8″ x 9″ (33 cm [79 cm] x 20 cm x 23 cm)
  • Weight 6.35 Ibs (2.88 kg)
  • Cable Length Coiled: Approx. 3 ft (0.91 m) Extended: Approx. 30 ft (10 m)
  • Main Housing Aluminum
  • Breathalyzer Housing Rugged plastic with ergonomic handle
  • Sensor Platinum Fuel Cell
  • Sampling Automatic Passive
  • Display Backlit Full Color LCD
  • Response Time Immediate on negatives, under 10 seconds on positives
  • Recovery Time Immediate on negatives, under 20 seconds on positives
  • Operating Temperature 32° – 130° F (0° – 55° C)
  • Power 9 volt 3 amp wired or Plug-In AC Adapter
  • Voltage Regulation +/- 5% Maximum Ripple 1% Vp-p
  • Communication Double Relay Output
  • Software Updates USB
  • Warranty 1 Year