RAFace 08/T Facial Recognition Scanner


The current focus in Health & Safety on techniques aimed at the mitigation of personnel disease transmission, has repositioned the need for contactless personnel verification solutions, thermal screening measures and general sanitisation.

The FireFly RAFace08/T is a Facial Recognition device for no-contact biometric verification and thermal temperature scanning. The RAFace08/T is integrated into FireFly Access and Time clocking terminals.

facial scanner


  • No physical contact between device and person (0.3m between person and scanner)
  • Thermal Scanning
  • High speed Facial Biometric verification
  • No additional light required – built in bright white light for illuminating the subject being scanned
  • Anti-Spoof detection – photos and other fraudulent clocking attempts will be declined
  • Weigand interface to FireFly T & A equipment, TCP/IP interface to LAN for image transfer
  • Integrated with GC180 or GC220 Time and Access Terminals
  • Facial templates can be generated from quality JPG face pictures already captured
  • Mounting bracket angle adjustment allows for variable personnel heights
  • Clocking options include:
    • Card & Temperature
    • Card & Temperature & Mask
    • Card & Temperature & Face
    • Card & Temperature & Face & Mask
  • The biometric image capture functionality is part of the FireFly take-on software package


  • Display

8-inch screen, full view angle, IPS LCD screen

  • Capacity

30 000 Images

  • Transaction Storage

Up to 200 000 transactions

  • Focal Distance

30 cm to 150 cm

  • 1: 1 Face Comparison

Support, more than 99.7%

  • Accurate Recognition and Comparison



Recognition while wearing a Mask

  • CPU

RK3288 quad-core

  • Interface

Support 1 Wiegand 26/34 input and output

  • IP Rating



IP42 rating (Splash proof)

  • Operating Temperature

Minimum-Maximum 0 – 50,


Preferred 10 – 40 Degrees Celsius