FireFly Drop Box


The FireFly Drop Box collects visitor’s cards or any cards that must be returned and also functions as a card reader.


  • Industrial metal encased and powder coated for protection against corrosive environments
  • Drop Boxes usually have an optic sensor inside, only detecting any movement. The FireFly drop box is fitted with a complete card reader inside which avoids any fraudulent access attempts
  • Fraudulent cards are kept in the drop box but no access is granted
  • Fully integrated with the FireFly system. Any card dropped into the box is registered as a clocking transaction
  • Top display on drop box have lights indicating Drop Card, Proceed or Rejected


  • Communication

RS485 to Core Device

  • RFID

Omega / HID

  • Power Supply

Powered directly from attached access control equipment

  • Battery Backup


  • Operating Temperature

-10 Degrees to 60 Degrees

  • Dimensions
  • Weight                                                     

140mm (w) x 140mm (b) x 400mm (h)